Yard Waste / Snow Regulations

Brush Collection (collection will begin April 3 and runs through October 30, 2024).
Chipping and brush collection (weather depending) falls on Wednesday April 3 and runs through October 30. The area East of Hubbell Street will be chipped on April 3 and every other Wednesday thereafter.  The area West of Hubbell Street will be chipped on April 10 and every other Wednesday thereafter.  Chipping will continue in this pattern, alternating sides of the Village from week to week until October 30.  For other yard waste disposal instructions, see the below information.


Brush includes any firewood that is under 6" inches in diameter, such as twigs, bushes, tree branches and small trees. (Wood over 6" in diameter is considered firewood and will not be collected.)

  •  Place brush at the curb by 7:00am on collection day
  •  Lengths under 4 feet, and/or less than 1/2 inch or smaller, shall be placed in barrels.
  •  Lengths over 4 feet are to be neatly stacked with the blunt ends facing the street. (Longer lengths are preferred.)
  • To control costs, chipping is limited to 10 minutes at any individual property.

 Yard Waste - Chipping Public Works Policy


Christmas Tree Collection
Christmas Trees are collected every Wednesday during the month of January. Just place your Christmas Tree at the curb by 7:00am on collection day.

Grass Clippings
Grass clippings and leaves may be dumped into a designated area located behind the Street Department garage.  Please, nothing other than grass clippings and leaves should be dumped in this area.

The garage is located at:

515 Best Built Parkway
Marshall, WI 53559
(Back of Converse Park parking lot)

Also, please note it is unlawful for any person to deposit or cause to be deposited, dump, sort, scatter or leave any, rubbish, stone, wire, earth, ashes, cinders, sawdust, hay, glass, manure, filth, paper, snow, ice, dirt, grass, leaves, construction waste, garbage, or other offensive noxious material in any public street, sidewalk or alley.

Leaf Collection
Leaf collection occurs every 1st, 2nd and 3rd Wednesday in May and November.

Included is:

  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Thatch
  • Weeds
  • All other non-woody garden materials

Please place leaves in plastic bags at the end of curb.  Leave the tops of the bags open.

Snow Regulations

Snow Emergency Declarations
The Village of Marshall declares a snow emergency whenever a snowfall during any period within twenty-four hours (24) or less reaches a depth of three (3) inches or more. Such emergency is declared to be a serious public hazard impairing transportation and public health, and safety and welfare for a period of forty-eight (48) hours, or until such time snow removal operations have been declared completed by the Director of Public Works or his designee.                                                                                  

During a snow emergency parking on public streets is prohibited per Village Ordinance 10-27-1(c).

Snow/Ice Removal From Sidewalks
Property owners are to clear their sidewalks from accumulated snow and/or ice within twenty- four (24) hours from the time the snow ceases to accumulate on the sidewalk. The Village will charge owners who do not follow the snow removal ordinance for removal of the snow. Property owners may also receive a citation for violation of this Village Ordinance 6-2-7