Marshall Lions Club

Marshall Lions area group of community minded men and women who are dedicated to helping those in need in our community and around the world.

The Marshall Lions Club has donated over $30,000 annually to the area communities to support those in need.  Some of the projects we support include:

  • Hearing Aids and Eyeglasses  
  • Eye Screening for Pre- Kindergarten children  
  • Donor Eye Tissue Driving Program
  • Coats for Kids (Marshall) 
  • Marshall Historical Society
  • Boy & Girl Scouts
  • Youth Turkey & Duck Hunt 
  • Marshall FFA & 4-H
  • Movies in the Park 
  • Area College Scholarships
  • Veterans Memorial Park
  • Marshall Post Prom Event
  • Community Shelter in Lions Park
  • Lions Camp - Rosholt, WI 
  • Marshall Youth Club
  • Marshall/Waterloo Food Pantry
  • Red Cross Blood Drive
  • Marshall Fire Department
  • Maunesha Fish Stocking 
  • ELC Playground 
  • Science Olympiad  

The Marshall Lions have been serving the community since 1979.  They are a local Chapter of the International Lions Club.