Business Incentives

The Village of Marshall offers a variety of business incentives to assist local business in growing here. 

 Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

The Village of Marshall currently maintains TID # 2. Within this geographic areas, the Village will consider requests for assistance from development projects that generate new revenue from newly created property tax base above and beyond what is already in place. Competitive requests will have significant economic impact in the form of increased tax base, increased employment opportunities, significant private investment, and a positive impact on the future development of the surrounding area. 

 Revolving Loan Fund

The Village of Marshall Community Development Authority has established the Marshall Community Development Fund as the vehicle by which funds can be earmarked to assist local businesses.  The Fund utilizes revolving loans to assist in the creation of employment opportunities, the enhancement of local incomes, the improvement of the Village’s tax base and revitalization of the downtown commercial corridor through the retention and expansion of existing businesses, and the development of new businesses in the Village. For more information on the revolving loan fund contact the Village Administrator at (608) 655-4017 ext. 203  or
MCDF loans are not intended to be a substitute for conventional private financing or other available public financial assistance, but rather an additional tool available to fill financing needs and gaps, and also to serve as an economic development tool to encourage business expansion, location and investment in Marshall.  Program funds will be available to existing local businesses and prospects planning to locate within the Village of Marshall.

 Industrial Revenue Bonds

The State of Wisconsin's Industrial Revenue Bond (IRB) Program allows the Village of Marshall to support industrial development through the sale of tax-exempt bonds. The proceeds from the bond sale are loaned to businesses to finance capital investment projects at, primarily, manufacturing facilities. Even though IRBs are municipal bonds, they are not general obligations of the municipality. The company or business that will use the facilities provides the interest and principal payments on the loan. The Village is in partnership with the business, lending its name, but not its credit, to the bond issue. 

 Customized Financial Assistance

For projects that meet specific development goals of the Village, and show significant economic impact, the Village of Marshall may consider negotiating additional incentives. For an overview of potential assistance available contact the Village Administrator at (608) 655-4017 ext. 203  or

 Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC)

For a summary of programs available through the State of Wisconsin visit the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation online. 

The Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin maintains several programs to help offset the costs of training and other efforts designed to get workers into successful employment. 
Visit the Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin online or contact them at 608-249-0001 for more information.