How do I change my property tax record to reflect a change of name?

In order to have your property tax record reflect a change of name you may need to record documentation with the Dane County Register of Deeds office.

All forms, along with instructions on how to fill them out, can be obtained at the Dane County Register of Deeds office, 210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Room 110, Madison, WI.  For further information view their website at:  Phone number:  608-266-4141.



If you are requesting that a name be removed due to the death of a spouse, you need to record a "Termination of Decedents Property Interest" form depending on how title was held.  You can determine how title was held by looking at your deed.

If you held title as "joint tenancy" or "survivorship marital property", you need to record a "Termination of Decedents Interest" form. 

If you held title as "tenants in common", the Termination of Decedents Interest cannot be used.    You may want to consult with your Attorney first to determine what form(s) you need to file. 

You will also need to fill out the online Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Return.



If you wish to change the last name due to a recent marriage, we can add your new name to what is already on the record, but we cannot remove the name that is reflected on your deed without a new deed being recorded. It is possible to obtain a copy of a Quit Claim Deed from most business supply stores. After this is filled out you need to take it to the Register of Deeds to be recorded. You will also need to fill out the online Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Return.

For information on recording fees, you should contact the Register of Deeds at 266-4141. If you decide that you only want to add the additional name at this time, call Property Listing at 266-4120 or 267-3529.



If you wish to change a name or remove a name due to a divorce, you need to have a Quit Claim Deed or the Final Judgment recorded in the Register of Deeds Office. In cases where you are resuming use of your maiden name you need to make sure the Quit Claim Deed reflects this change. Quite often the deed is made out in the married name. In most cases one of these documents already exists. However, sometimes these documents are not recorded and no change can be completed until they are recorded at the Register of Deeds office.

If one of these documents has been recorded and we still have not changed the records, please let us know as soon as possible. Any information about the documents like the date recorded or the document number would be appreciated.