What is my property's assessed value?
To find the assessed valuation of properties in Marshall and Dane County, go to Access Dane Website.

It is here that you can find out assessed values, tax information on a particular parcel, and legal descriptions. 

Why is my property being reassessed? 
Section 70.05 Wis. Stats., requires Wisconsin municipalities to assess within 10% of market value at least once within a four-year period. Municipalities typically reassess every few years, generally after the level of assessment falls out of compliance with this law. This practice is contentious because periodic revaluations result in large changes.

To avoid this, some municipalities, including the Village of Marshall, choose to assess annually at full value. Full-value assessment ensures that the municipality remains in compliance with the law and improves fairness between individual properties and between classes of property.

Marshall has selected a five-year inspection cycle, which means that the assessor inspects 20% of the parcels each year.

The assessor will notify property owners of the approximate date of inspection. During the inspection, the assessor will ask to view the inside of the property, measure the outside, and take a photograph from the street. This information, along with the analysis of sales, is used to estimate market value.

This process means that you will likely receive a new assessment notice each year. The assessment figure represents market value—that is, the value for which you should be able to sell your property.

If you disagree with the assessment, you can call the assessor at any time or you can attend the open book meeting. The open book meeting date will appear on your assessment notice each year. If you are still not satisfied with the value, you may appeal to the municipal board of review.