Hwy 73 Walking Path Plans



The Village of Marshall is planning to construct a new 10-foot-wide asphalt path along the east side of STH 73 from Whistle Street to School Street. The total length of the new path is approximately 800 feet.  The work is scheduled for construction in 2024 and the overall construction duration is expected to be approximately 3 weeks.  The project will be advertised to a contractor and bid in early 2024 and more detailed information will be known about the schedule of the project after a contractor is determined.


The Contractor will maintain normal traffic conditions during construction.  The project is not expected to have any impact on resident access or roadway usage.  Garbage pickup and mail delivery will remain unaffected. 


Please feel free to contact Town & Country Engineering, Inc. (608-273-3350) with any concerns or questions you have now or during construction.  Your patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated and will help ensure the success of the project. 






Notice is hereby given, to every person who owns, occupies, or controls land in the Village of Marshall, County of Dane, State of Wisconsin, to destroy all noxious weeds such as Canada thistle, Leafy Spurge, Field Bindweed (Creeping Jenny).  The term destroy means the complete killing of weeds or the killing of weed plants above the surface of the ground by the use of chemicals, cutting, tillage cropping system, or any or all of these, if effective, combinations, at such time and in such manner as will effectively prevent such plants from maturing to the bloom or flower state as required by the Wisconsin Statutes Sec. 66.0407.


Deanna Chadwick

Village Clerk